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Startup ConfigurationModule

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to create a configuration module. Ideally the configuration module would be launched

when the server starts and would be re-triggered each night to create / update the stream configuration from a JSON API.

I wanted to avoid having an external executable re creating the stream files and restarting the server everyday via a cron.

However, it appears that modules inheriting ModuleBase class are only loaded when a client connects to a stream. Is that correct?

Is there another way a module could be launched (i.e onAppStart be called) when the server starts, before the first client connects?

The goal of the module is to create as many streams as there are IP Cameras and publish them to make them available to clients.

I am at the stage where I’ve created a test module containing getLogger().info(“onAppStart: configurationModule”); in onAppStart

but I haven’t been able to see that line in the logs…

I’ve also added the description in /conf/Application.xml

Thanks for your help,

If you are looking to add functionality during server events, you should take a look at our IServerNotify2 interface. However, it sounds more like you want to restream ip cameras and if this is the case you can just follow this guide to initiate that process.