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Statistic system for my clients

Hi … I have tried in order to offer a statistic system to my clients, te problem is that I have more and more clients and wmspanel turn into a expensive solution

Can anyone build my own statistic system? Each client use one app into my wowza server engine, so I need to offer one statistic slice per application

The statistic must have graphical interface, total connections per day or interval of time, unique connections, geostats, what type of device watch the stream and the total of hours.


Hi @Andres Lopezvictoria, of course it’s possible to build a statistics/analytics system - or feed the stats to existing analytics systems. But don’t underestimate the cost of development; my advice is to do the math twice before you get started. The reason that services like WMSPanel cost what they cost, is for a big part because the company behind it has spent - and still spends - considerable time and effort in developing, maintaining and hosting it. You can’t avoid having to pay for it one way or the other whether you use a 3rd party service, or you develop something of your own (or have it developed for you)

If you want to hire someone to build such a system for you, then you may post an inquiry in the “Find a Consultant” space here: