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Statistics live monitoring application

Hi, :cool:!

The total monitoring data connections, in bytes and bytes out my application are shown correctly, but the connections and network charts do not have data of min, max, average or actual.

I have to do some configuration?

Hello there.

Please follow this guide to shut Wowza down, and then restart in standalone mode:

How to start and stop Wowza Streaming Engine software

Starting Wowza in standalone mode will display the server output to the console and show any start-up issues, bind errors etc…

Please let us know what you see in the console output when restarting Wowza in standalone mode. And if the graphs are displaying data after a restart.

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Please open a support ticket by sending the zipped copies of your /conf and /logs folders as well as a link to this thread as reference to



Salvadore, the graphics are still no data.

Manager occurred the log:

Feb 11, 2015 7:34:15 AM org.apache.jasper.EmbeddedServletOptions

WARNING: Warning: Invalid value for the initParam fork. Will use the default value of “true”