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Statitics in real time users watching - Cloud CDN

Hi, I need have the statitics in real time of how much users online watching the streaming through of wowza cloud CDN.

Have any way?

Because at panel wowza cloud cdn the statitics update each about 3hours, I need in real time equal in wowza streaming engine manager.


Currently, with the CDN reporting we have available to us, there is not a way to obtain real time statistics for you. This is a project that is on the roadmap, however, I do not have a timeframe to provide you when it may be available.



Thanks for that info Mac. This is something that our clients can’t believe we can’t get. It’s really hard to get them to understand why this isn’t possible. Please pass this along to the development team!


I have passed along your message as well.



Any progress on this feature?

That is for sure something that I would like also. We would like to switch to the cloud solution, but without realtime stats, it will not happen.

The option to gather the data from the CDN platform in real-time is still not an option. We continue to look for opportunities to improve this.



This feature is something that will add a great value to customers. CloudFront provides the Lambda@Edge which can capture each and every request that comes into CloudFront. If Wowza CDN can get something like that it will be a great feature to get real time analytics as well as individual user statistics.