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Step-by-step instructions to use Letsencrypt certificate with Wowza

I have a Wowza Streaming Engine installed that I’m playing with however I don’t like the signaling URL having that whole long name. Can someone direct me to how to get Letsencrypt working with my system? I’m running this on Ubuntu 18. Is the underlying web server Apache?

Thank you for updating that article/procedure so that it works with WSE 4.8 @J van Marion!

Hi, i just updated this part this week on my own site. I think this will help you. You don’t need to run apache on your server. Check the tutorial. If you have any questions just answer in the comments on my site, so i can help you out.

This is super helpful. I can’t believe I couldn’t find it myself. While creating the cert I’m being told that it can’t bind to port 80. Would I have to stop any Wowza services while doing this?

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