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stop publishing live stream server side

still having issues with the rest api…im trying to stop publishing server side a live stream.

if i make a call like:

its fine i get all stream informations

if i issue this command:

i have a 404 error…help


The disconnectStream REST API method can only be used if the incomingstream object was initially connected through the MediaCaster system (using a stream file). If you are publishing the stream by pushing it from the encoder (similar to Wirecast and GoCoder), then this is not the appropriate method to disconnect the stream.


Hey there,

Having a similar case; any hints about what the “appropriate method” would be ?

Btw, where can I find a list of all actions available? They don’t seem to be listed in the doc, or I missed them…

If the stream is being pushed to the server (where the encoder initiated the connection), it’s best to stop it from the source encoder. You can have a module in place that rejects or shuts down the connection, but this will not prevent the encoder from re-sending the connection request repeatedly (similar to a DOS).

To shut down an on going RTMP publisher, you can call stream.getClient().setShutdownClient(true); for that stream object.


Good to know, thank you