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stop recording streams by instance with rest api


is it possible to stop all recordings in a specific app instance using rest api

the basic command to stop recording a stream by name is:

$response = $sf->stop(“myStream”);

what would be the equivalent to stop all recordings ?


Not aware of a way to stop all the streams at once, but on our system we just stop any started streams by working through them. Each recorded stream has a slightly different ending point (by milliseconds) but not a big deal for us.

If your recording is critical you should really be automatically monitoring any streams to check their recording state anyway so hopefully it won’t be a big deal to then start/stop the right ones.

Failing that, I don’t think there are any negative implications in ‘stopping’ a stopped stream again, so you could just blanket stop them all.

got this response when using the standard call with the stream name:

JSON REQUEST to^5a2e1255cb8df^ok^fr-c004/actions/stopRecording with verb PUT: {“restURI”:“^5a2e1255cb8df^ok^fr-c004/actions/stopRecording”} RETURN: {“message”:“Your IP address (xx.xx.xx.xx) has been blocked”,“success”:false,“wowzaServer”:“”,“code”:“403”}

any clue ?

ok after whitelisting its working now i have a new error:

the rest call doesnt point to the correct app/instanceName

how to change this ?

thx !

still no luck…while my rest call is ponting to the right app/instance/streamName, the answer is a 404 error


JSON REQUEST to^5a2f3bdc5b156^ok^fr-ebe4/actions/stopRecording with verb PUT: {"restURI":"http:\/\/\/v2\/servers\/_defaultServer_\/vhosts\/_defaultVHost_\/applications\/wcs\/instances\/1\/streamrecorders\/1-Gabdroid^5a2f3bdc5b156^ok^fr-ebe4\/actions\/stopRecording"} 


RETURN: {"message":"The server has not found anything matching the request URI","success":false,"wowzaServer":"","code":"404"}