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Stream audio output


I am using GoCoder in Swift and I would like to broadcast a stream with the video and the audio input (It’s already working on this part). But I would like to also stream the audio output of the phone.

For example, if the user is playing a music in background in his headphones, it will stream the video, the audio input (his microphone) and the audio output (the music in background).

Let me know if it’s possible and if it is can you give me some advices on how to do it ?

Thank you!

If it were to capture the audio through their microphone, it would not be able to capture the audio at the same time as the music in their headphones. There may be some other SDKs that allow for this, but our does not. Sorry about that @cyril chaillan.

Thank you for your answer!

And I would like to know if it’s possible when you start streaming form the SwiftSDK to let the output audio from the microphone playing.

Because when the stream is starting, it’s cutting the audio output from the phone. If a song is playing in background, is it possible to let the song running in background when the stream is starting ?

This might have more to do with how iOS handles output audio in the background while recording in the foreground. Have you looked into Apple’s documentation? As Rose mentioned, our SDK does not support this.