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Stream DRM protected videos to Desktop, iOS and Android devices


We are a company that wants to enter the market of multimedia education. We want to offer educational content (mostly videos) via the website on a desktop, and with rich e-books on mobile devices using the EPUB3 with DRM technology.

We want to reach the largest audience (a wide range of mobile devices), while having good copy-protected content in our products.

My question is: Which method of viedo streaming should we use to:

  • Do not use Flash

  • Get movies on the websites protected by DRM

  • Get DRM protected videos EPUB3 (it’s the same way as in the case of viewing a Web page on Android or iOS device so HTML5 is in use)

Silverlight with DRM on the desktop? M4V DRM on iOS? What about Android? How to put DRM video on a website in HTML5?

Sorry for my English and please advice :slight_smile:



EDIT: Found another interesting thing:

In the link you posted Adobe suggests using native apps for iOS and Android. That would be my suggestion as well.