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Stream file status "Waiting for stream" infinitely, but stream is on air

I wrote my own stream simple application which will be used for streaming our own content.

It uses handwritten HLS which works by the following way.
System waits for GET request with correct url, answers OK or not OK. If status is OK it starts to send fMP4 container with H.264 video inside.

With VLC for playing stream it works fine.

Wowza Streaming Engine sends correct GET request and receives OK packet and after that it starts to receive fMP4 container described above. But page Applications --> [APP_NAME] --> Incoming streams infinitely shows stream status as “Waiting for stream”.

When I am trying to play stream through VLC by network connection to Wowza, I got the 404 HTTP reply.

What I’m doing wrong and how can I make it works?


Moreover, when I use VLC as HLS server, I got the same result.

Maxim, I would recommend creating a support ticket for this issue.