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stream file with source with a token

Hi there … I need to ingest a stream into my Wowza server using a stream file

The source is provided by a third party and it has a token they have implemented on their side.

I can connect to the source no problem from a player, but I can’t when I set up the same on the stream file

Troubleshooting with them, they say the request arriving to their server doesn’t have the token

The source is something like this


where token can be a long string like this “6qyZuBWk9b5y_8XkVKzuBVQlPPpMVdrs3359x2Otkf”

Is this possible to be done?

I have tried setting it up like following, but no luck


Thanks for any help

It should work if the query string is url encoded and it is in the correct part of the url for where it will be looked for on the server side. This is most likely after the appInstance but before the stream name.

Please try the following:

  1. Form the query string so that everything is url encoded (including ?, = and &).

  2. Include the appInstance name.

  3. Do not include a forward slash “/” between the appInstance name and the query string.

  4. Do include a forward slash “/” between the query string and the stream name.

  5. Leave the stream name in the last part of the url. If the query string is left on the end after the stream name then it will be treated as a stream level query string.

eg. rtmp://[origin-ip]/[app-name]/[app-inst-name]%3F[url-encoded-query string]/[stream-name]


thanks … replacing the “?” with “%3F” before the querystring made the trick