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Stream files always gets connected even if the Stream URI is invalid/wrong


I am connecting to IP cameras by registering them as a stream files. To register a stream file, we need to populate "Enter a name" and "Stream URI". fields.
Consider a stream file “” and the corresponding Stream URI is rtsp://invalidurl The stream file gets added through the engine manager.
Now when I try to connect to this stream through the engine manager, it gest connected and I could see it listed it in the Incoming Streams tab. Although after getting connected, the Status of the stream is always Waiting for Stream and it never becomes Active as the RTSP uri is invalid but I expect that this connection itself should fail as the RTSP uri for the stream does not actually exist.

is this the default behaviour of the ‘connect to the stream’ feature using engine manager, what are the scenarios in which this connection fails if any ?

It could be the IP camera authentication requirement which can vary depending on manufacturer, the encoder settings, the URI is incorrect, a firewall, but it’s usually the URI is incorrect. Waiting for Stream as you figured out is Engine is unable to ingest that stream. Again it’s usually a URI error and it will time out eventually.

Do you have the RTSP/ IP camera debugging boolean set to true?

rtspDebugSession: Boolean

Enables extra debug information in the log file about the RTSP handshake between Wowza Streaming Engine and the IP camera (RTSP/RTP source). Due to the large volume of data that’s logged, this setting shouldn’t be enabled in production environments unless there is a problem that must be investigated. For more details, see Add RTSP debugging to the log.
Default: false

I can share a couple of docs that may help you, but you may need to send us a support ticket for us to test and debug. Sometimes, it can be too difficult to know the problem without a full review of your configuration.

I’d take a close look at the examples for RSTP stream files here as well:


I have set the rtspDebugSession property to true in my environment. I understood from your explanation that the stream will time out eventually after some time if the URI is incorrect.

However I am asking about the initial connection to a stream file itself which always provides a success message.

Can you provide me any example/scenario if which the initial connection itself will fail ?