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Stream from Ecuador

Hi, I’m trying to stream from Ecuador. When creating the director from cloud.wowza selecting Brazil as a point to create the server, but having a good internet line, since I try to broadcast against youtube to more than 6 Mb and thus I have no problems, it gives me problems connection against cloud.wowza since it does not show the video well and the transcoding does it badly.

The signal does not arrive well.

Do I have any other option?

You do mean sending the stream to Cloud is the issue right with your internet right?

If you are experiencing issues delivering your stream to Streaming Cloud, you do have an option to send it using SRT, which is meant to reduce packet loss and more effectively transport your stream in poor network conditions @Pablo Irigaray.



Doc on how to configure:

I deleted my first response as I did not at first understand this was not a distribution problem. Sorry about that. Please see my new answer below.

Ok. Thanks!