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"Stream from File" not starting!

Hi, I’m trying to make a stream using the “Stream from File” method.
When I start the stream, no message appears saying that it’s something wrong or anything, the stream starts normaly but the video doesn’t. The Video Thumbnail keeps showing the message “No Video Detected” no matter what I do.

I tried adding transcoders to Facebook and Youtube but the video doesn’t play to neither of them, the video never plays.

I tried adding the video’s link from different sites, and using different ways, but nothing changes.
Tried via Dropbox, google drive, a personal cloud (Wich is open to public). All links end with an “.mp4” file.

It is an mp4 file and all links were set to public and had authorization to read, download and edit the file.

Please help! I’m 100% sure that I did it exactly as it says in here:


Seeing the video in the thumbnail is important, since it shows the video very early in the pipeline. If you don’t see it here, nothing else downstream is receiving video either.

The most likely cause of the problem you are describing is a slow network or storage location, since the first thing that happens when you start a transcoder with a file source is to copy the entire file across. Any slowness in the copy will result in a delay in starting the transcoder.

If the file is on one of the major cloud providers, it typically only takes several seconds to copy, even for a large file. I would suggest you try downloading your MP4 and see how long it takes. It’s not the identical network path that would be used, but it is a good indicator. If it takes a while, I would suggest you move the file to faster storage.

To test, I have found this MP4 which works well as of today. (No guarantee it will continue to perform or remain available!)

I would suggest you test with this MP4, and if it still does not work, please open a support ticket so our team can troubleshoot your specific configuration.

I hope this helps!


Looking at your examples, not all of the files are available for a simple file transfer.

This one prompted me to login to access the file:

This one uses a redirect to access the file the first time:

"To download this file, please visit the download page :"

This one interrupts download requests with login prompts. Required multiple clicks to access file:

This one requires a different download URL:

To download, you have to use and we require the URL to end with mp4.

As stated in this article:

Wowza Streaming Cloud allows you to stream .mp3 and H.264-encoded .mp4 and .flv files. Files must be hosted in a publicly accessible location on a web server, Google Storage, or Amazon S3 bucket.

You can test with this video if you like:

I hope this clarifies.


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