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stream from ios gocoder TO the wowza streaming cloud

I’m an experienced iOS engineer. I have signed up for the free trial of the iOS GoCoder SDK. I have signed up for the free trial of the Wowza Streaming Cloud.

I simply want to stream FROM the iOS app, TO the wowza streaming cloud.

  1. Is it correct that I should create a “live stream” on I did this, the name is “basicTest”

  2. The page says “The Connection Code allows Wowza GoCoder to push a live stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud. The code can be used once and expires 24 hours after it’s created” WHERE DO YOU ENTER THE CONNECTION CODE, IN THE APP??

  3. In the app, in the SDK you can enter “config.hostAddress”. What is this? What value should it have? Again I wish to stream FROM an ios app gocoder sdk, TO the wowza streaming cloud.

Your SDK looks great, but it seems incredibly unclear how to stream FROM the gocoder sdk (ios) TO the wowza streaming cloud.

Please assist.

Hi John,

This has been addressed in ticket #227916, but I am posting my response here as well for other users.

Here are the steps that you will need to do in order to stream from the GoCoder SDK app.

  1. You will need to create a Wowza Streaming Cloud Live Stream app. However, do note that you should use Other RTMP (push) as your video source encoder. This is because the GoCoder option is only for the free GoCoder app available in the store. Retrieve the connection information from the Wowza Streaming Cloud instance for use in the next step.

  2. Create your app based on our SDK. As a test, I would strongly recommend initially running our sample app available in GitHub. The Settings page in the sample app will allow you to enter the connection details that you obtained from step 1. Do consult our FAQ to see how you will need to populate these fields.

  3. Start streaming from your app, and check that you are receiving the stream in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

It is possible to replicate the token mechanism available for the free GoCoder app. You will need to leverage the use of our Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API in order to query the connection details for a specific instance and automatically configure the SDK app with these broadcastConfig parameters.