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Stream from webcam using wowza cloud

I have a website from which i want to stream from webcam using Wowza Streaming Cloud API’s. Is it possible?
If possible, How? If not how to do it on my website?

Hi @manish yadav, Yes this is possible and I would suggest you do this using OBS studio which is free and allows you to stream to Wowza Steaming Cloud. You could then use the Wowza Player if you’d like and embed that player into your website. You can use the Cloud APIs with an OBS (RTMP) stream.

Here is an OBS/ CLOUD tutorial for you to follow:

At 5:06 in the video you will see the embed player code. That is what I am referencing above when I say you can embed the player into your own site.

Go to this doc @manish yadav to see how to embed the player. Scroll down to section 8.c

@rose thanks for the reply,

So is it required to install OBS Studio on my pc to stream?

If it is required then it’s not possible that each of my website users has to install it and configure it.
Is there any direct solution without installing any software, like a direct stream from webcam using your API’s.?

Hi @manish yadav, so the only way you could set something up without everyone having to install any software would be to use Wowza Streaming Engine and WebRTC. That is not available through Cloud though.

Check out the different ways you can accomplish your workflow here: