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Stream live from localhost

Hey all, I am new to this and I have wowza installed on my local machine. I can easily broadcast from there to my self, but I am trying to broadcast out so that I can test this on my iphone and other locations before going live with anything. How can this be achieved? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

So you just want to view your Wowza streams from other computers/devices?

If you have a public IP (i.e. your machine is connected directly to the internet, no router in between), all you should have to do is open port 1935 on your firewall and substitute that IP for “localhost” (or “wowza-server-address” or whatever) in the examples.

If you have a private IP (i.e. you’re on a Local Area Network, and your IP is something like 192.168.x.x), you should be able to do the same, but only from other machines on your LAN. To view from outside your LAN, you will also need to set up port forwarding on your router (pretty easy for most consumer routers). Then use your router’s WAN IP as the “wowza-server-address”. The port forwarding means that the router will take all incoming traffic on the Wowza port (1935) and pass it along to the correct machine on the LAN.

An easier way:

You can copy the client folder to another machine in the same LAN.

Run it and change the localhost in to the address of the machine running Wowza