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Stream name remap to user friendly format


I am using Wowza Streaming Cloud to stream VR content to users running Sphereplay on Android and Homido for iOS users.

Is it possible to remap the direct playback url’s into a more user friendly format?


Take a look at this guide to see if it meets your needs:

How to override publish to remap a stream name



Hello Stefan,

We apologize for the confusion on this question. Currently, Wowza Streaming Cloud does not have the ability to modify or customize the playback urls. This feature is on our roadmap, however, I do not have a timeline to provide you at this time.

I hope this clarifies.



Hi Stefan,

what format would you prefer to have the playback urls changed to?

Why exactly do they have to be more user friendly? Isn’t it something buried in a embed code anyways?

Do you mean the CDN playback Urls or the URLs for playback directly from the transcoder?

We are considering adding this in a future release so your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thanks Philipp

Thanks Salvatore,

but I don’t see how I can get this to work for the cloud streaming setup.

Kind regards,