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Stream recording, can the recordings overlap?


We are testing wowza to see if it suits our needs. So far, it seems OK, other than the refusal to create HLS stream with MPEG2 video in it.

There is one problem with the stream recording, as far as I found out. As far as I know, to record TV shows based on EPG, I can generate an XML file and wowza will record the shows based on it, however, I have not found a way to make the recordings overlap. That is, I need to record the shows like this:

Show 1: 17:55 - 19:05

Show 2: 18:55 - 22:05

So that if the show starts a few minues early or late, it is still recorded in full.

Is there a way to achieve that with Wowza?


For playback using Apple HLS you’ll need to transcode the source from MPEG2 to one that’s supported by the client such as H.264.

Please see How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder for live streaming

I’ve tested this an you’re correct, the recordings can’t overlap using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager or URL queries but it may be possible using the Java API. If you need assistance with this, we have a list of independent consultants which is available on request.Alternatively you can post in our Find a consultant forum.

As this is not currently possible, I will add this as a feature request to our backlog on your behalf. Features which are added to our backlog are reviewed and considered for future versions of Wowza Streaming Engine.

At this time I can’t confirm if the feature will be approved and if so, any time-scales for it’s availability.

Thanks for the feedback.




You could look at using our ServerListenerStreamPublisher to schedule streams. If the application is configured to record all streams then this should create the recordings for you. Or you could combine that with our Live Stream Auto Record example module which provides more control over the file naming process amongst other things.

Note that you can also manage the starting and stopping of recording streams via the livestreamrecord HTTP Provider. So in this workflow you can use your own scheduler (cron, Windows task scheduler etc) to manage recordings of streams via HTTP calls, e.g.




any news on this? The overlap-feature was very interesting also for us. Exist a workaround for this ?