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stream samsung gear 360

how can I stream 360 video from samsung gear 360 on my own server?


We do not have documentation on what the streaming settings are in the App for managing the Gear 360.

If there is a way in the app to input the rtmp settings for your server, you should be able send the stream to Wowza.

I could not find a manual outlining stream settings, etc. So we would need to see some screenshots from the Samsung Gear 360 App showing us what options you have to configure this and we can assist further.


Andy E.


I was trying to connect with a Samsung Gear 360 to either your server and to the cloud, but I didn’t succeed:

This is the User-Interface of Samsung “Gear 360 Live” App.

Any Ideas?



Hi There,

Was there any resolution to this as its something i am now attempting but am not having any luck.