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Stream smil file from our server

Hello ,

I want to stream smil file from our server but flv file from amazon s3 stroage using wowza streaming server.

Streaming server : rtmp://

Smil File :

Flv path: or (amazons3/actionvideos/scooby-theme.flv)

Html File :

Embed Code :












Smil File : (test_mysmil.smil)

It won’t work. The smil file has to be alongside the content.


Right now, I don’t know. I’m working on this generally though and maybe I will be able to help more on this soon.


Oh, I do know this: width is required.

<video src=“amazons3/actionvideos/scooby-theme.flv” width=“320” system-bitrate=“128000” />


I’m not sure. The best I have achieved so far is to get it to play the first item in a smil file.

Use this one:

For the 4.x use this one:


Sure, yes. I’m not sure if I can solve anything about it though.


So far, the way I have found that works is using FLVPLayback Component with smil file. And you can get a working example from the sample files on page one of the Adobe dynamic streaming guide:

Get the files from the package in this location:

dynstream_walkthrough_pt1\hands-on_pt1\completed\FLVPB - SMIL

Put the smil file alongside the html and swf file on web server, point to your wowza server in the smil, modify the smil for content on your Wowza server, and start it up. If the content is in order, it should work. Monitor Wowza console to see stream switching.


Using MediaCache you store the .smil file alongside the content and reference it with relative link.

<video src="abc1231" width="1280" system-bitrate="800000"/>
<video src="abc1232" width="768" system-bitrate="500000"/>

The playback the smil using the MediaCache prefix


Re adding extenstions, you can change that behavior:

The smil and the videos have to be in the same place, along-side each other, the same folder on the same web server, or a folder on that web server.


Absolute path to where, a web server? Is so, make that the MediaCache source and place the smil and files together there.


This might work with absolute paths if MediaCache is setup, though I have not tried it


Also, noticing that you have two threads at lease on this. Please don’t duplicate.


With this in place, Wowza will intercept smil (which is MediaList) requests and allow you to form the MediaList yourself. This way with MediaCache enabled Wowza does not have to get the smil from the MediaCache source, and you can reference the MediaCache assets with full url in the smil like


Seems like what you are asking for. That’s the only thing I can think of using MediaCache with your videos on a web server that you do not have access to upload a smil to


Hello ,

I have tried the following to stream smil from my server using wowza streaming server. It works fine normally without switching method.

My Embed code :












Note: I have added rtmp.loadbalance=true in flashvars and removed streamer in flashvars.

mysmil5.smil is stored in



Please let me know whether the current version of JW player (5.0) supports the multibitrate switching. If not means, which player will support this functionality?

Hello Richard,

I have visited this page , but it shows some files listing.

I have download the source from How can I stream the smil file by downloaded code. It has only swf,fla files , there is no html or embed code.

Can i show your output for smil file streaming using wowza streaming server with multi vibrate switching.


I have a slightly different scenario. I upload 2 different bitrate video files and 1 smil file to an online storage which returns 3 permanent links for the files. For example:

smil: http://…/files/abc123

500.mp4: http://…/files/abc1231

800.mp4: http://…/files/abc1232

I would like to use my Wowza server running MediaCache to stream an adaptive bitrate stream with the above files.

The smil file content:

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your reply. I am not sure I understand what you mean by alongside: does the smil file have to be in the same “physical” location with the media files?

From your example, the smil file and the media files could be stored in different locations (e.g., different HDDs) but can be accessed by relative links. If so, I modified the smil file accordingly, and it still does not work.

Please, spend some time look at the logs from wowzamedia_error

MediaCacheItemHTTPImpl.getItemInfo[]: HTTP response: 503

WARN server comment 2013-03-26 09:34:55 - - - - - 190585.593 - - - - - - - - MediaCacheItemBase.init: Item does not exist: http22/4b050e4077e60130cde1525400da24fa.smil

WARN server comment 2013-03-26 09:34:55 - - - - - 190585.593 - - - - - - - http22/4b050e4077e60130cde1525400da24fa open: Item not in cache: http22/4b050e4077e60130cde1525400da24fa

WARN server comment 2013-03-26 09:34:55 - - - - - 190585.594 - - - - - - - - HTTPStreamerCupertinoIndexPlaylist.indexFile[mediacache/definst/smil:http22/4b050e4077e60130cde1525400da24fa]: MediaList is empty.

WARN server comment 2013-03-26 09:34:55 - - - - - 190585.617 - - - - - - - -

It seems to me that Wowza automatically inserts the file extension (.smil) into the url. If so, it can not get the correct file because the correct url is (without smil extension). This will explain “MediaList is empty”.

The whole smil file is below:

I understood. The files have to be physically in the same folder. The along-side virtual path to the files does not work.

Thank you Richard!