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Stream target status change from Active to Waiting

Good Day,

I have a setup where i initially ingest a HLS stream to wowza to get RTMP output. This RTMP output later will be ingested to another stream. I already set the stream target and the connection is establish and manage to stream.

However, the stream always changed from “Active” to “waiting” status after some time and i need to disable n re-enable back the stream target to make it active. Do you have any idea how to set the stream run without change to waiting state?

Thank You

Did you say this backwards or are you really trying to stream HLS to RTMP?

You cannot do that in Wowza Video.

The Wowza Video Player is the default player included with a Wowza Video subscription. The Wowza Video Player is a robust, industry standard player that provides HTML5, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and LL-DASH playback.

You can do that with Streaming Engine however.

Sorry i got the wrong understanding on the setup. its actually Wowza download/open up the HLS stream and then continue to stream RTMP.

Can you help me on this? Or else is there any script or API can apply so the idle time can be eliminated?