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Stream Targets: how to setup primary and backup source streams

I’m searching a way to connect correctly two different server as sources to a stream target.
Unfortunately, with the token authentication, this look to be impossible.
Is there a workaround to authenticate both server as primary and secondary?
Thank you for your time,

The only option we offer at this time in Cloud for primary and backup streams is an additional stream target output for HLS. You would either need a player that can support a failover URL or provide a second player. This is for Akamai only.

Once you have created an Akamai stream target, you will then be able to enable the redundant HLS streams outlined below.

Please be sure to take note in the doc of the additional charges that occur when you run a 2nd transcoder.

This is not the answer i hoped for, but it answers my question. Thank You @Cassidy_Reilly.