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Stream targets transcode issue

Stream targets were created from Server A -> Server B.

After setting the transcode,
When receiving A’s from the incoming B server, automatically transcoded / a.stream_aac is created.

If of server A is cut off at a random time,

On server B disappears. However, the transcoded a.stream_aac does not disappear.
Therefore, when is restarted on server A, is activated on server B, but a.stream_aac is still in a zombie state with stream inbound of 0bit.

To solve this problem, only restarting the Wowza engine is the answer.

Is there another way?

I wonder why a.stream_aac doesn’t disappear.

This will require full access to your config files and logs in order to test.

The forums are not an official source of Wowza technical support and for any streaming code review requests, potential bug reports or advanced problems, you’ll need to submit a support ticket.