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Stream Timeout on Pause (HTTP Cupertino)


It appears that when HTTP Cupertino Stream (via iPad or iPhone) is paused, it can only be resumed within a minute or so (before app-stop event). Once “app-stop” is logged, an attempt to resume the stream simply restarts it from the beginning.

Is there a configuration option(s) where this can be adjusted so that playback continues after 2-3-5 minute pause, etc.

Thank you in advance!


You can try setting /conf/[app-name]/Application.xml /ApplicationTimeout to “0” so the app-stop event does not happen.


I think this is a limitation of iOS.


Take a look at:


Thanks, Richard!

Permanently preventing app-stop is probably not a good idead. We did try changing Application Timeout parameter in the conf/VHost.xml, which actually delayed app-stop by whatever we set it to be.

However, itturns out that even with app-stop not firing, the stream keeps restarting after about 60-90 seconds paused.

Any other way to preserve a “true” pause?

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I have the same problem, but it does not seem to be due to iOS. I’ve also set the application timeout to zero but there is a “cupertino” object that timeouts and after this the .ts segment result in 404.

INFO cupertino connect 1289314055 -

INFO stream create sample -


INFO stream destroy sample -

INFO cupertino disconnect 1289314055 -