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Stream to server via Ethernet

Is there a way to stream to the server via Ethernet?

  1. Connect a laptop with OBS to the Server via Ethernet. (The laptop is not connected to wifi).

  2. Stream, with OBS as the source, to the server.

  3. Server (connected to wifi) then streams output.

Thanks ahead for any input.

If you plan to make it a local network broadcast then yes you can. I mean if your WiFi is intended for a local network then the Ethernet is just an extension of it.

If you wish to broadcast on the local network but have it watched globally, that too should be possible. You can also bind it over multiple IPs

Thank you.

I have both Macs connected on a network. Can see each other’s folders and files.
*Mac with the server is connected to WiFi.
*Mac with OBS is not connected to WiFi, but connected to the other Mac via Ethernet cable.

I start the server and apply the live application.
I cannot seem to connect using OBS at rmtp://

I get “Failed to connect to server”.

Any ideas?

Ok. I just referenced “Connect to remote Wowza Streaming Engine Manager from local web browser”.

I followed the instructions and was able to connect to the Streaming Engine from the other Mac, but only with WiFi on.

Seems to defeat the purpose.

Sorry, but confused.

Well one minor thing - it should be rtmp not rmtp. Secondly I think the issue is with :slight_smile:

*Mac with OBS is not connected to WiFi, but connected to the other Mac via Ethernet cable.

I think this is not the same as being in same network necessarily. I am not Mac user but still… if both macs are on same network then your router’s administration page should show both macs with their own unique IP addresses on the network.

Yep. I fat-fingered that. My bad.

And yes, I agree with you that it’s not a server issue as it is a LAN issue. It looks like my next path is creating a viable LAN network.

Will respond once I have accomplished that.

Thank you for your help!

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Hope it works out. Keep us posted!

You were right, it was the LAN configuration. The problem was the Ethernet port. I am using a Mac mini (M1) and a 2018 MacBook Pro (with a 3rd party Ethernet adapter). Once I realized the adapter was faulty I immediately ordered an Apple Ethernet adapter.
The result: IT WORKS.

Now I need to concentrate on lowering the latency. I’m running LL-HLS, using the wowza instructions (which were great by the way), but have an average latency of 12 sec.

I will research the forum on latency issues and then post if I don’t find an answer.

Thanks again for all the help!


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