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Stream to Youtube through REST API

I am trying to stream from wowza streaming engine to youtube using REST API, but I couldn’t find the API Route for that, instead I got “Stream to Facebook using the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API” . I need it for youtube, please provide the right document.

Hello @Priyanka ME, this is the answer from engineering team…we have a doc for creating stream targets via Rest API; what you can do is to create it via UI in Streaming Engine Manager, simply click You Tube live as a stream target, so you can configure it as needed, then perform the GET request via API, and use the json response as the body for your POST.

Hello @Rose Power,

Thank you for your valuable response! I tried as you said and I got the result.

Thank you so much for letting us all know the update!!


Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager,

I have the same question which is asked @Priyanka ME.

I saw this link ‘’ and got some API’s but it is not related to stream to youtube from wowza streaming engine by REST API.

So I want to know that, Does wowza provide any REST API which is used to set streaming target to youtube.

Thank You.

Yes, @Abhishek Joshi, you can stream to you tube using the Engine Rest API and creating a stream target. If you are not familiar with how to set it up, you can reference a similar workflow for FB and you would change accordingly.

You can also create a support ticket if you need help. I apologize I do not have a doc to show you, but you can check the specific REST API examples in your files that come with the Engine download.

Also keep this workflow in mind as well for streaming to You Tube

You can indeed. Are you able to follow the instructions I gave in the green accepted answer in addition to the post below? Thanks! You can open a support ticket if you need help.

Yes mam but facebook workflow is different to youtube like fb api need to pass access token, destination id etc. If we have to use same api for both youtube and FB.

So the question is what are the parameters i have to pass when i will use this api for youtube.

Yes, you are so correct @Abhishek Joshi, but we don’t have a document to share the specific parameters for You Tube unfortunately. I understand you would like to see an example.

Let me see if I can get an example from tech support to share with you. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

I have this documentation to share with you @Abhishek Joshi from tech support, but again we don’t have a specific doc at this with You Tube specific parameters. This doc will show the parameter categories and please remember you will need to use the RTMP option for source/encoder in Stream Targets.

Again, if you require additional assistance setting this up, please feel free to submit a support ticket.

Hello mam,

Sorry to say you but the link which is you have shared with me is not useful for me. I have tried many combination accordingly but i could not get any success.

Thanks for your quick replay.

If you get any example from your tech support. So please share with me.