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Streaming audio and video seperately

I am new to Wowza and need to understand, how can I build a solution where I can separate out audio and video streaming for different applications. For example: audio will be played on a Android app while video is on the web browser. But both are in sync.

So, do you mean this will be built with live video or pre-recorded video (mp4)?

Is the audio and video from different sources or the same? I’m happy to help you if you can share some more information on your workflow.

This will be built with pre-recorded videos. Any suggestion in this direction will be helpful.

Ok, I’m checking. I know we have a module on how to mix audio and video coming from different sources, but let me see if we can split them from the same mp4 file. Be back soon.

Just know that this is not an easy task and the in sync part will indeed be tricky, but to keep them perfectly in sync across different applications they would need to communicate - as they would pull the data at separate rates and even the best connections would result in some kind of sync issue.

You can separate audio and video from a live stream and if you are using Apple HLS we do have configuration items to generate an audio only feed from a stream.

So here:
you could enable an audio only output from a live stream.

You may need to do some custom work on this. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Thank you for your detailed response. Suppose if we stream a standard video (with audio) and at the client end (Android Mobile app), we are just playing audio-only, do you think that is something feasible to sync with Web/desktop application. Technically both the mobile apps and desktop app will be consuming the same video stream. Pardon my limited knowledge in this area.