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Streaming Audiobooks


We have been testing wowza for a while, and one of the problems we have run into is how to stream a collection of audio files as one long stream, for example streaming an audiobook. We are looking at using Http live streaming to IOS, and RTMP for android / PC / Mac. What we need is that when the user cliks on the stream link, that a playlist is compiled of all the tracks in the audiobook, and should appear to the user as one long file. We never got this to work using Http live streaming and M3U8 playlists, or on RTMP streaming using smil. Basically what we need is a playlist for each type of stream to compile all the tracks so that it appears as one e.g 10 hour stream.

We can get the streams to work if we merge the tracks manually to create one long stream. but this isnt very practical as we have a few 1000 audiobooks which would need merging

Does anyone have an example of how to do this? It would be greatly appreciated



Hi Joe,

This method works well using RTMP with the LiveVideoStreaming flash client:

Here is a client side method to create an HTML playlist for iOS:

You could write a script that could automatically generate the .smil files for Flash, and the HTML files for iOS.

Hi Randall,

Thanks for your reply and links.