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Streaming bandwidth

For Wowza Engine is there any way to reduce the streaming bandwidth or what library can be used, I am currently using WebRTC on Android and the bandwidth is high for the current resolutions.

Hey @Julian_Bayer welcome to the forums community. Yes, WebRTC does use a lot of bandwidth, so for out-of-the-box control over bandwidth, using RTMP or SRT would be better. You can control the bandwidth using the Web app the user is publishing from, but it requires dev work that we don’t support directly.

You can also limit the WebRTC bitrate at the source and you may need to experiment for quality playback, but we don’t have a way to limit the bandwidth in Engine for WebRTC playback.

Perhaps one of our third party consultants in here has some advice for you.

I would also suggest you join our public slack channel with devs from all over the world and ask in the webrtc channel. Some of them have done some custom code to accomplish what you need and they may have some good advice for you in there.

You can join here and then ask in the #webrtc channel

If you are trying to broadcast from mobile you will, have two options WebRTC and RTSP. WebRTC is browser based with super low latency whereas RTSP is more popular for mobile devices. There are some third party SDKs as well that use RTSP.

For subscription you can always make use of transcoder and to ensure that stream can be subscribed over WebRTC.

And yes slack would be the best place to ask these things :+1:

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