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Streaming Cloud maximum bandwidth (mbps) per account


We will be using a Wowza Streaming Cloud Account for a multi-language multi-destination livestream. It’s a 12-hour event. We have 10 languages for the event and we’ll be creating 10 different livestreams for them.

Each of these livestreams will go to multiple rtmp destinations.Kind of like this tutorial but to multiple youtube accounts and other rtmp destinations instead of Facebook.

Each livestream may have upto 10 destinations of 1080p25 6mbps (same as the input. We will only be doing passthrough, no transcoding) for a 12-hour continuous stream.

Was wondering if having 100 destinations may be a choke point in terms of bandwidth for the server. We will be using an account with sufficient overall bandwidth, such as the 499$ plan, but in terms of mbps, will the server handle 600mbps of throughput?

Also, I came across this article that says we can only configure 10 livestreams and destinations every 3 hours. Would that limit hold for this sort of situation too? Is the 10 destinations limit applicable per livestream or in total, meaning I can only do 10 destinations among all livestreams every 3 hours.


Hello @Vinodh Rajeswaran, I have asked someone from our advisory services to reach out to you with your best options for cost vs performance. Thanks for reaching out.