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Streaming expert needed

The company I work for does live streaming in the educational area.

The course has live locations in 15 different states and runs for 6 weeks from the Middle of May to mid-July. The average daily streamed class is 3 hours long 5 days a week. The receiving locations are almost all College classrooms, no individual desktop viewing. Approx. 200 total connections across the 15 channels.

Last year we used Ustream to send an RTMP stream up to Ustream using Teradek cube encoders. This worked well for the most part, but we want to improve the receiving (last mile) performance by delivering an HLS stream via JW player to each school location. We have finished testing of both the Wowza streaming engine and Azure media services streaming. We have an option to use either service.

We are looking for someone to:

• Someone familiar enough with Wowza and Azure Media services to advise on Pros/cons

• Advise on the fine tuning of segment size/duration of the chunks sent to the player to ensure a buffer free playback, Latency is not an issue.

• Use of the DVR function and setup.

• Advise on monitoring possibilities of 15 live streams across the US.

• Setup of a backup system in case of CDN failure.

Estimate of Costs to advise? My background is video production, But I work with the IT support people in our company. still learning the IT side.


I’d be happy to discuss specifics with you and come up with a proposal. Drop me a line at +1-913-586-4618.

Ian Beyer