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Streaming from raspberry pi camera to cloud service and watch it remotely

Hi everyone,

I don’t have any experience or knowledge of Wowza services, so here is the detail of my project. I hope it will help you understanding my requirement that i’ll mention below.

Detail of Project:-

I’m currently working on Raspberry Pi cctv surveilliance project in which i can capture live video from attached RaspiCam and see it on my mobile & laptop browser using local network. But to view the streaming video I HAVE TO BE CONNECTED IN LOCAL NETWORK ONLY. I’m using mjpg streamer for achieving this. However I don’t have any deep knowledge of these software/utility as I’m just a normal user and tweaking around on this project on my own.


Now I want to expand this functionality to global stage. I want to stream my RaspiCam video over the network, and want to see remotely in any device from any network. My RapberryPi is of course connected via a router so it does not have an internet connectivity issue.


  1. Which Wowza service/s can provide me these functionality to fulfil my requirements ?

  2. I want to do both Streaming from raspberry pi camera & Viewing on remote machine on any network. So I guess I’ll need some wowza streaming software to install on my RPi and a cloud service that can remotely show me the live video being captured from my RPi.

So how do I setup this ? If possible, pls provide me some step by step procedure to achieve this.

Thank you.


If you already have Wowza Engine you can use just that to deliver a live stream outside of your local area network. This would only work if there will be a small number of viewers, as Pi can be limited HW wise. You would need to open the needed ports to access the system on which Wowza Engine is installed on. Then either use the public IP or a service like this will then allow you to have a player that can request the desired stream. Here is an article on how to setup playback with different player technologies:

You can, like you mentioned, use Wowza Cloud CDN for distribution of your live stream if many clients will be viewing the stream. Check out this article for delivering live streams from Wowza Engine:



Hey even i am doing something similar. Did you get any solution ? If so can you share it ?

Hi…you would simply choose a protocol and codec , and then a open the appropriate ports on your router.This works with residential DSL (broadband) connections.Using Dynamic DNS , you can acess you Pi from around the world through a easily memorable web address.
The Pi has problems with USB Cams and is not powerful enough for fast transcoding (CPU-only) though.

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