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Streaming from webcam


In the our project we need to stream live video from webcams via browser.

We’re planning to use third-party services so wowza looks pretty good for us. However, I was slightly confused by wowza documentation and I don’t understand about efforts we need to integrate with wowza.

Basically, I have several questions:

  1. Is it possible? I haven’t found this API in the documentation. Do the user need to have Adobe Flash?

  2. What kind of wowza services do we need? According to the cloud services documentation, there is no webcam support in the "Wowza Streaming Cloud accepts"list.

If you need to deliver content from webcams through a browser then you should look at our WebRTC preview.

If you plan to perform high definition live streaming then you will need to have a live encoder connect to your cameras so that you can stream your live video to Wowza Streaming Engine. We have an article on how to configure an RTMP based encoder to connect to Wowza Streaming Engine.

With regards to using Adobe Flash to decode content many but not all browsers support Media Source Extensions. If a given browser on a given OS does not support MSE then your player should fall back to using Adobe Flash to decode the content. More on Media Source Extensions can be found in the article below.

Excuse me I do not understand, could you give me an example where you place the rtmp url in webrtc

@Leonardo Rodriguez ,

two way publishing stream from your browser.

1-) Adobe Flash Player => Rtmp publish

Classic flash wowza chat sample can be used

2-) Without any plugin ( only webrtc supported browser such as chrome mozilla opera ) => Webrtc publish
you need this configuration described @

also here is a sample page provided by wowza for publishing stream

Is there any possible method to publish stream on Wowza streaming cloud with a web cam and web browser.