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Streaming HLS from Wowza to Amino 140 STB

Hi, we are working on an Amino 140 STB that supports HLS in its latest builds

Has anyone managed to stream an HLS stream from Wowza to it, and if so, can anyone share the client JS and Wowza setup ? When I try it says ‘File download not allowed’ on the STB


We don’t have any experience with this STB configuration, but I would confirm that the stream you are trying to use plays back on other HLS devices,

such as iPad and iPhone etc on the same network. If playback is good on iOS but not on the STB then the next step is to figure out what special requirements the STB has, perhaps there are specs available from the manufacturer that detail this. If playback isn’t working on iOS either then we can help with that.

  • Daren

aske123, (or anybody) what was the Amino firmware version that worked with HLS streaming? I am having the same error ‘File download not allowed’ on a new Amino 129 (SD box) with version 2.5.2-Ax4x-opera10.

I am also guessing you are entering a regular HLS URL like:


BTW Amino RTSP works, but the amino calls “stop” after 5-10 minutes and the app unbinds and shuts down. Makes no sense




That’s great news!

Thanks for the update.



Thanks Daren. As it turned out it was a problem with the STB which got fixed after they patched it.