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Streaming live from tv tuner


I’m trying to develop a live streaming platform with possiblity to stream directly to wowza from tv tuner. The solution should be generic so that it’s possible to use different tuners and different OS’ (mac, linux, windows) or having one application per os.

I know that adobe’s live encoder can use tv tuner as input but it requires using fms. I’m pretty confident wowza is the way to go so i need a different solution. Anyone having experience with such solutions?


Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) does work with Wowza. Make the FMS URL an RTMP url to a Wowza application with a StreamType “live” or “live-lowlatency”. FMLE does not work on Macs.

I have used Fastvdo’s SmartCapture Pro encoder with input from TV. It worked well and is very inexpensive. But I’m not recommending it over other options, it’s just one I have used because it was affordable for me. I think it works on PC and Mac.

Not sure if Wirecast does this, but it probably does, and it works on PC and Mac.


It does, but I checkhed with tcpdump whether FMLE sends out some sort of identification when publishing live stream to media server and my belief is that it does not. Therefore, on the client side, you cannot identify the encoder software. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Still, this does not solve anything, it only secures your proprietary architecture information to outside world.




Thanks for reply. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it so that FMLE licensing forces you not to use other server than FMS?