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Streaming OBS to Wowza, what am i missing?

I’ve setup a live stream on the Wowza Streaming Cloud page, using RTMP (other) as the source. In OBS settings, I’ve put the Wowza-provided rtmp URL in the URL field, and the name of the stream in the Stream Key field.

I process to start the stream on wowza, and once connected, start the stream in OBS. The Wowza page says that the inbound stream is not connected, but the OBS logs say that it is connected:

14:19:04.984: [rtmp stream: ‘simple_stream’] Connecting to RTMP URL rtmp://[app-number]…
14:19:05.425: [rtmp stream: ‘simple_stream’] Connection to rtmp://



I also set it up on both sides to not require authentication. What am I missing to get this live stream to work?


Your OBS config should look like this (some details blurred for security):

Please verify this is how yours is configured. If it matches what I have provided you, I would suggest that you open up a support ticket with us so we can deep dive into the issue you are experiencing with connecting your encoder.

Also please know that the “stream key” is whatever stream name you want to give your stream. You can use what OBS has as the default, but be sure to use that stream name in your connection settings with Engine or Cloud when you need to enter the “stream name”. It will be what you entered here in OBS as the stream key- same as stream name.

Great, thanks, I was using the name that I had given the stream, rather than the alphanumeric ‘stream name’ attribute. working now.

This video might help

Here is a tutorial that will assist you in the OBS setup whether you use Cloud or Engine- the concept is the same.

Sure! Here you go @Suhas Nar! Here is the doc tutorial to match the video.

This video uses OBS to stream to Engine:

can you help me on setting up OBS on wowza streaming manager. the video you shared is all about cloud app.