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streaming player pixelated issue


I have a question of streaming player.

I want to get real-time video using rtsp, so I used “ultra low latency stream code” on this website.

RTSP is working fine, but the video quality is not good. Video gets pixelated in between.

How can I solve it?

These are video info:

FFmeg, h264, 640*480

Can you be clear about what the camera source is? An Android app you built with our GoCoder SDK to broadcast or you built a playback app with the SDK or maybe even both?

Thank u for ur reply!

When I checked that site for code, I realized that “ultra low latency stream code” is for Wowza Server Cloud.

As a result, I don’t succeed RTSP streaming.

I just want to play my RTSP url on android using Gocoder SDK. Do u have any solution?

I still need to know more about your workflow please. You are broadcasting from an Android with the GoCoder SDK and trying to play it back in an app or just on a mobile phone in a browser?

You can set up the ultra low latency stream target from Engine to Cloud @HYEONGYEONG OH with an incoming RTSP stream, Cloud will convert it to WOWZ ( the protocol for sdk playback) or to HLS as a fallback if the WOWZ doesn’t work and you should be able to play that stream in an android app built with the Wowza Player because in order to have the ultra low latency stream, it requires Wowza’s WOWZ protocol. This protocol is exclusive to the Wowza GoCoder SDK and Wowza Player.

You can enable the HLS playback in case the ultra low latency stream with ULL doesn’t work for some reason and the stream will still play, but at an HLS latency.

Here is the workflow doc: