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Streaming problem in ipad to iphone

Hi all,

I have a problem when i’m streaming in ipad to iphone then content doesn’t show clear as we can say colored content but when we’r streaming in iphone to ipad as well in same device iphone to iphone then content shows accurate.

Thanks for reaching out @Pavnish Kumar Rana.

So the content is not clear from iPad to iPhone? Are you doing adaptive bit rate streaming to allow the proper file size for the different resolutions? Is this for Cloud or Engine?

yes Mam I’m using adaptive bit rate streaming for both device and also both platform show the same issues.

Hello @Pavnish Kumar Rana

What model iPad and iOS version are you testing with? If you lower the video bitrate when broadcasting from iPad does colored content go away?

Screenshot will be helpful as well.



 goCoderConfig.audioEnabled = true

        goCoderConfig.videoEnabled = true

        goCoderConfig.broadcastScaleMode = .aspectFill

        goCoderConfig.videoFrameRate = 30

        goCoderConfig.videoPreviewRotates = false

        goCoderConfig.capturedVideoRotates = UIDevice.isIphone() ? true: false

        if !UIDevice.isIphone() {

            goCoderConfig.broadcastVideoOrientation = .alwaysPortrait


       // goCoderConfig.videoBitrate = 2500


        goCoder!.config = goCoderConfig

iPad model - Air

iOS version - 12.2

It’s all my configuration what I used in my code. This problem facing only iPad to iPhone else iPhone to iPad, iPhone and android working proper.

When source camera have black screen, shaking fast and put the device into light side then receiver side getting these type of image.

Hello @Pavnish Kumar Rana

Please try goCoderConfig.videoBitrate = 1500 and goCoderConfig.videoKeyFrameInterval = 30

to see if there’s improvement.

What model of iPad Air is having this issue?