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Streaming Recorded Video Files in Wowza Cloud


Due to internet bandwidth constraints at the event location we are unable to upload the live stream. As a alternative we want to make available recorded content as a live stream with couple hours delay. Under these circumstance I have the following question for which I need some inputs to make an informed decision.

  1. The Video camera is storing the content in MFX file. is it possible to encode the MFX file to H.264 ?

  2. I have used adobe FMLE for encoding in the past but there is no option to input MFX file as input for encoding ?. So what tool do you recommend for encoding MFX to H.264

  3. If we have to convert to MFX to MPEG file then upload, is the option to stream video files available in the Wowza cloud?



1) Third party encoders can convert your MFX file to H.264 video with AAC audio in an MP4 container.

2) FMLE is for live streaming. It is not designed to perform file to live streaming.

3) Wowza Streaming Cloud is for live streaming only and does not support playback of VOD content.

Wowza Streaming Engine supports both live streaming and VOD playback. If you can convert your MFX file to be compliant for streaming media you will be able to host that file for users to play back.