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Streaming Tip: Should You Move Your Workflow from Engine to Cloud?

Hey everyone, I’ve noticed in the forums that a lot of people are unaware of Streaming Engine workflows and features that are also available through Streaming Cloud. I thought I’d write a quick article highlighting the ones I’ve noticed when people are considering moving their workflow to a third-party cloud platform. If this interests you, you can make the switch from Streaming Engine to Streaming Cloud through your Wowza account with a Cloud license.

The workflows/features are:

  • Live-to-VOD
  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • End-to-end WebRTC workflow (WebRTC ingest and playback)
  • Schedule a stream within Cloud’s UI
  • Ingest metadata in Cloud and convert for HLS support
  • Support for MPEG-DASH
  • Stack multiple streams on a single server to optimize costs
  • Starting and Stopping stream targets through the Cloud REST API.

These are available options in Streaming Cloud.

If you have any interest in potentially migrating your workflow from Streaming Engine to a Cloud platform, but aren’t sure of the benefits of doing do, well here are some points to consider:

  • Simplify your infrastructure. We manage hosting, security, backup, and server maintenance so you can focus on your customers and building your business. We keep it running 24/7 around the world, so you’re always ready to stream with the latest, most secure technology from Wowza.
  • Leverage a more scalable solution. Your streams will auto-scale up and down as your audience size changes.
  • Simpler upgrade process. Get the latest features automatically as soon as they’re available.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Some customers have saved 15% or more on their streaming, plus time saved to focus on building the solutions your customer needs.

In summary: Same Features, Simpler Product.

It truly depends on your workflow though and your time management needs. For some, it may may make more sense to keep their streaming architecture through Streaming Engine.

A one-hour technical consultation with a solutions engineer to evaluate your workflows and see if migrating to Wowza Streaming Cloud is right for you is available. That way, you can ask some specific questions to find out if it might benefit you. You can schedule that here if you’d like:

There are plenty of reasons in 2021 that developers are moving from hosting and managing their own streaming infrastructure to a managed streaming service in the cloud, so I hope this information was helpful.