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Streaming to Cisco DMP4310 using RTSP

Hi to all

I am trying to stream video to a Cisco DMP4310. The device in fact is a kind of set top box (it uses sigma designs chopset) used for digital signage. I am trying to stream via Internet using RTSP, for the moment only with local files (the future intention is to broadcast a live event). I am unable to make it work. According to my findings I need to use mpeg-ts container and h264 codec via tcp. I have managed to convert a file to this format and plays ok locally, but I am unable to stream it. I have also followed the documentation in Using an MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) encoder with Wowza Pro (MPEG-TS) with no luck. It also does not work with VLC client. ¿Any ideas what can I do?

Thank you


You shouldn’t need to do anything special with the vod files themselves.

They just need to be H.264 Video and AAC or MP3 audio.

The instructions here show how to setup a Wowza Application to provide an rtsp stream encapsulated with MPEG-TS and properties that control

various aspects of the stream for improved compatibility with various STBs.

See if that helps.

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