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Streaming videos from S3 using vlc media player


I am currently testing the video streaming from S3 bucket using vlc media player. I have followed these steps for set up.

  1. Created a bucket in S3, uploaded a sample.mp4.

  2. Created a Wowza instance, opened a telnet connection and mounted S3. Also modified the conf/Applications.xml file by changing digest to none for RTP authentication.

  3. Have allowed all ports (1935,80,554) for all tcp in my security groups.

  4. I open vlc media player and in the network stream i type this




But all fail to play the videos. Some observations

  1. The log messages of the vlc shows that it is successful in establishing a rtsp connection but unable to open the whole path.

main debug: looking for access module: 1 candidate

main debug: net: connecting to [my-instance] port 1935

main debug: connection succeeded (socket = 1796)

main error: open of `rtsp://[my-instance]’ failed: (null)

  1. I have disabled my firewall and antivirus.

Kindly help me out as this very crucial for my project.




Welcome. First, changes to /conf/Application.xml do not affect vods3 application if /conf/vods3/Application.xml exists, which it should.

Did you use one of the pre-built AMIs? Which one?

Stop the Wowza service if it is running, and run Wowza in a console /bin/ so you can see what Wowza is logging in real time.

What do you see in a browser at this url?:



Ok, all good. What do you see in console when you try to play?

Also, it is recommended to test in Flash and RTMP first. Use SimpleVideoStreaming player in the Wowza examples folder:

Server: RTMP://[my-instance]

Stream: mp4:amazons3/AR_videos/sample.mp4

Looking at the console where you started Wowza, click play.


You have to set AWS keys in /conf/Server.xml, and restart Wowza after change.


Hi Richard,

Sorry i meant both conf/Applications.xml and conf/vods3/Applications.xml

when i type http://[wowza-address]:1935 i see this

Wowza Media Server 2 for Amazon EC2 2.2.4 build27452

I use (ami-5a649833) as the AMI id

– Krishna

Failed to play amazons3/AR_videos/sample.mp4; stream not found.

This is the error i get when i play using the SimpleVideoStreaming player.

Do i have to give some kind of permissions to the video files in S3 bucket ? The tutorials and documentations dont say anything.


I set the AWS keys in /home/wowza/conf/Server.xml. And rebooted the instance

Unfortunately it still gives me the same error when i play using SimpleVideoStreaming player.

Failed to play amazons3/AR_videos/sample.mp4; stream not found


Hello Richard,

Kindly help me figure out what the problem here is. I am stuck for a long time and this is a part of my big project.



Great one

Satta matka