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Streamlock Connection timing out and aborting during live broadcast

During our regular broadcast, which normally goes off without a hitch, we were receiving continues errors such as this: stramlock-errors-10-9-2018-4-00-08-pm.png (primarily when using Chrome)

Both Wowza and the website are hosted on an AWS EC2 instance, and playback is with JWPlayer, all versions within that past year or so.

Can you explain what this means, and more specifically, how to avoid it to begin with?

Hello @Tom Butterworth, sorry for this issue you are facing and thanks for providing the error report. We would still need to run some diagnostics to properly determine the cause to see if it’s with Wowza or the JW player, so will you kindly submit a support ticket? Thanks.

You can use this troubleshooting guide as a resource for now:

I am trying to do that, but our account only gives the choice for “Clear Caster” support, and we are showing WELL up to date in payment.

I am sorry for that frustration @Seattle Colleges. Let me have sales support correct this and we will reach out to you as asap!

We see the original post for this is by @Tom Butterworth, but the issue with not being able to submit a ticket is posted by @Seattle Colleges. Can you clarify who is having the issue trying to open a support ticket and what name is the account under with us in billing? Thank you.

Tom Butterworth is the person that originally open the Wowza account years ago for Seattle Community Colleges.

The Account Name has been changed to Seattle Colleges, and I (Greg Podesta) am the technical resource that is looking into this problem.

Hello @Seattle Colleges and Greg, looks like you have access through a new email that was set up on 10/10/18. You should be able to submit a support ticket. If you still have an issue, you can contact billing support here through your email- scroll to bottom of page: