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Streamlock doesn't work


We are encountering the following issue:

In HTTP the streaming outside the network (the web) is working fine, but we want to use https instead of http.

In the router we checked all the settings and from our webpage the request is coming inside towards to Wowza port 443.


xxxxxxxxxxx points to our public IP 82…xx.xx.xx according to

The stream links are:


Are there any other configs to make inside the Wowza to enable the streamlock other then in VirtualHost Setup, or what elese are we missing?

Best regards.

Here is a step-by-step video tutorial if that helps make it clear you did follow all the steps. Are you already using port 443 for anything else?

A. What do the logs say as the error?

B. To make sure you configured your SSL properly, we recommend testing your complete workflow with playback of a stream with a secure playback URL and the player of your choice using the instructions for testing playback in an article that applies to your specific workflow.

In the playback URL, your StreamLock certificate hostname is used as the address or domain name. For example, to play the installed sample.mp4 file with the default vod application, the HLS playback URL would be as follows:


C. You can try a different port if you want to see if it was a Streamlock config issue or an issue specific to port 443.To test this, you need to go in to Vhost in Engine Manager, hit edit and remove the 443 port. Then re-start the server.

Go back into same place ( VHost) and click edit again only this time add a different port like 4043. Anything you want as long as it’s different from your http port. (You’ll need to have the new port in your url of course instead of 443 as you listed above.)

To save yourself a lot of time debugging, you can always send us a support ticket so we may review your SSL config and run some tests to find the problem. We can’t debug in the forums, only make suggestions.

Thanks for reply

Meantime I solved the mystery, in my hurry I left the [] brackets in the path. As soon as I removed the brackets the streaming started immediately.

Now I have to face with with a cyclical interruption of the streaming for some seconds, unfortunately the rtmps stream doesn’t restart without a page refresh, meantime the https/m3u8 stream restarts mostly.

These interruptions are at every 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec, not at a precise time, and is happening randomly inside the network and of course outside too. Our internal network is based on gigabit, for outside we have fiber optical connection with gigabit too.

Can someone give a hint where to start searching the source of this problem?

Glad you got the SSL working, I did the same thing with the brackets the first time I configured mine, so you’re not alone. For the streaming interruptions, that is odd behavior and the reasons can vary from OS to configuration error to firewall, we’d need a support ticket to take a closer look and test. That’s the fastest way to find the issue.