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Streamlock ssl for hls: does all the traffic go to streamlock or only at the tcp handshake?

We allow our customers to stream offline, meaning in order to stream, they have to be connected to our network but not the internet. We have our own servers on which wowza streaming engine is installed. We usually install SSL either on the firewall or use lets encrypt.

We have one server on which we decided to install license provided by wowza. So now we provide the customer the streaming URL from We use HLS

Does that mean that all the user traffic is going to the internet or only at the tcp handshake? If it’s the latter then how many tcp handshake occur in HLS streaming? Because the server keeps sending data chunks every few seconds, so if the video is 2h long, how many times the user has been forced to go online?

Per our Engine engineering team @Elie Obeid:

“With HTTP 1 you can see browsers open up multiple connections to servers to issue parallel requests, so you will see multiple TLS handshakes. With HTTP 2, which allows for parallel requests, you don’t have this problem. I am certain Wowza doesn’t close connections for each request for HTTP2. For HTTP1, we had a bug which would cause us to close connections if default segment sizes were used, but from what I remember that is fixed, and we keep the connection open.”

Does that help you @Elie Obeid?

Checking for you now @Elie Obeid sorry for delay.

Yes, thank you so much, meaning there’s only 1 handshake per stream.

That’s correct.