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streampublisher smil

Hi, I am wanting to user an AWS S3 bucket as source video instead of a source mp4 from the /content folder in my streampublisher smil file

what would be the correct syntax to use for the src=

sample smil :

Hi Karel,

Thank you for your reply. As it turns out I have been using s3fs very successfully for many years to copy-in my S3 files to the /content folder of my EC2 instance but for the last 6 to 9 months i keep on running unto this sporadic error messages:

“Transport endpoint is not connected” and only some files are being copied, interrupting the whole process and for which I have not found a fix. Restart, reboot, start a new instance etc.

In these cases I am often pressed for time and to download/upload the S3 files to my PC and back up to my AWS EC2 instance is too time intensive… whereas copying them from S3 only takes a couple of minutes.

I have my s3fs mount confiured in the root /mnt directory – Could i use this dir as the Storage folder in my Application instead of ${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/content ?

Additionally, it is vrey important that I NOT run into performance issues as I am running a rather complex streampublishing schedule involving many videos.


would it work if I use the entire S3 publishing url in the =src ??

something like this using MediaCache and the vods3 Application:

sample smil :

I may be wrong, but I don’t think the StreamPublisher SMIL file works with MediaCache or with content that is stored anywhere else than in the Storage Folder that is configured for the Application. You could try to mount the S3 bucket in a folder on your server and set that as the Storage Folder, but you may run into performance issues if you’re pulling lots of content at the same time with S3Fuse.

The alternatives are to modify the module (source code is on GitHub) or see if there are any 3rd-party modules that can help you.

If you’re interested in hiring someone to help you modify the module for you, or get in touch with any 3rd-parties who may have a module, you can post a message in the “Hire A Consultant”-forums at

You can’t specify the full VOD URL directly in the SMIL video. You can indeed specify the folder where you have mounted the S3 bucket as the Storage folder in the Application. But if you’ve experienced issues with copying data to the s3fs mount, then there’s no guarantee that you won’t experience issues when you let the Wowza server use it …