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Streams from wowza steaming engine

Hello to all forum members

I want to hire a monthly license to install a wonza streaming engine , to capture up to six streams and then retransmit them without transcoding in real time to a local network or several remote networks.

But I have some doubts .

Is the traffic to the local network independent of the incoming traffic?
How many incoming streams can be captured with a Wonza streaming engine?
Is it possible to multicast from the same Wonza streaming engine to different destinations?



You can send streams to the public network and simultaneously to the local network. E.g. to an intranet or wherever you wish.

You run as much as the power of the server will allow you. There are no limits. For example, we have over 150 outgoing streams and. there is no problem with it.

Yes. Facebook, Youtube etc. or… wherever you want.

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Welcome to the community @Hugo_Casal. Please note- it is spelled WOWZA. I hope you got the answers you needed from community member Dorota, he has a lot of streaming experience.


I apologize for the error in typing Wowza’s name.

Correct, Dorota’s answers helped me to understand some of the doubts I had.
However, I don’t think I asked the first question correctly. I’d better explain it with an example.

If the Wowza Streaming Engine server is receiving a 5 Mbps stream over the internet and is broadcasting it in real time to 50 users on an intranet. Won’t the 5 Mbps be affected by the number of connections to an intranet?

Best Regards

Hugo Casal

Everything should work without any problems.
Identically we run: 30 intranet and more than 100 internet.
It is Ok.
Plus it goes on Vimeo and Youtube

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Thanks Dorota

Everything is clear now


Keep in mind too you can tune your Engine server as well as any Java settings if you notice too much CPU being consumed.

This blog is a little old but still shares the info I mention:

Thanks Rose

Very good article.

It will be of great help to me


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Ok good! It is a tad outdated. So feel free to submit a support ticket and the engineers will ask about your current local server environment and help tune it all.