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Struggling with Dynamic Graphics Overlay Tutorial


I’ve trying to overlay timecode onto a stream (which must be a fairly common thing to do…)

So i’ve followed the following tutorial

I’m fairly new to the IDE, but believe i’ve followed it correctly.

However as soon as I add the example module to the application.xml using the following

    <Description>Example Overlay</Description>

Once I restart the server i get lots of the following errors in the log

WARN server comment 2021-04-01 13:52:32 - - - - - 129.326 - - - - - - - - Application folder ([install-location]/applications/defapp) is missing

and the “Live” app stops working.

The code is exactly as is in this here

The ModuleTranscoderOverlayExample.jar is in the /lib directory, and has build sucessfully.

Using WSE v4.8.5

Any pointers?