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Stuttering in Wowza Cloud (4K / 360 Streaming)

I am attempting to stream a 4K (3840x2160) 360 stream to Wowza Cloud (trial) and have it end up in 3 destinations: HLS via Wowza CDN, YouTube via passthrough, and Facebook using the 1920x1080 HLS with a secondary stream target. As I am streaming to those destinations I experience a heavy amount of stuttering that make the stream unwatchable and are not present if I stream directly to YouTube (ruling out issue at local level).

Example (via Wowza):

Example (Direct to YouTube):


h.264 20-30 Mbps

30 f/sec

keyframe = 60

Stream generated by X-Split Broadcaster. Did not report dropped frames locally on the computer.

The YouTube preset is set to passthrough both audio and video.

The Facebook preset is set to 1920x1080 4 mbps transcode (technically higher than Facebook’s recommended spec but works when we stream directly to platform).

My gut is that it is maxing out computing power but the CPU & GPU did not appear anywhere near 50% on Wowza Cloud. Also no reported exclamation marks in the Wowza control panel and still experiencing the error.

Any idea what could be going wrong?

Thank you!


Hello Jason,

I wanted to let you know that we identified the issue and we have scheduled an update to be deployed tomorrow evening (MST) to fix/address the issue you were seeing.

I hope this helps.